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What a small world is (after all)

I just went to my favourite pub in Bath, and there were two people from America sitting at the table next to mine discussing microbiology.  I asked if they were new hires at the university, and they said no.  But it emerged that one lived 2 blocks from where I owned a condo when I last lived in Chicago, and the other’s wife knew my partner’s best friend, who lives in Milwaukee. […]

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It Really Is a Small World After All

The lobby is packed with people. It’s prom season and dozens of couples have appeared to pose for photos together, even though the dance is being held elsewhere. Their dresses are brightly colored: sunny yellows, crisp greens, rich pinks and deep purples – embellished with crystalline drops or lacy embroidery. The bubbly nature of youth is contagious, and all are smiling. Suddenly, appearing at the entrance to grand applause, is a woman in the grandest gown of all: a bodice of pure white, encrusted with pearls, and billowing skirt clutched in one hand while her other hand grips a bouquet of white and purple irises. Rightfully so, a bride has stolen the show. […]

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Driving down I-294

I was driving down I-294 headed home after hanging out with coworkers which we only did once a year or so.  A guy in the back seat of a car starts waving at me.  I look over and its my brother-in-law that lives in Kansas City.  He calls me up and tells me he's on a business trip to Milwaukee and was headed out to dinner.

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