In March I went with a friend to Quito, Ecuador for 12 days. Mid-week, we took a 3 day trip to the edge of the rain forest and stayed at a jungle lodge. Our second day at the lodge, a new group of tourists arrived. I was sitting by the pool speaking english with a couple from DC when this young woman swam over. She said “hey, I hear a friendly language, where are you from?” I told her I was from the United States, Midwest. She said “I’m from the US too, what state do you live in?” I replied that I was from Wisconsin. Turns out she was from WI too. She asked me what city. Turns out we both live in Milwaukee. She asks me what neighborhood I live in, and again we match. She then says “I live on 49th and Elm, where do you live?” I tell her I live on 50th and Elm! Turns out we live TWO houses away and can describe each others homes!
I met my neighbor in the edge of the amazon rain forest in Ecuador!