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I met my wife’s sister at a coffee shop

When I was in college, I would frequent a local coffee shop. The same barista would always make my order and began to recognize me when I came in. It got to the point where every time I walked in, I’d have a coffee waiting for me. I’d get a greeting when walking in and a “See ya, Dave!” after leaving, along with the casual conversation if it wasn’t busy. My then girlfriend (now wife) wanted to grab a coffee, so naturally, I took her to my favorite spot. The same barista was there and I couldn’t help but notice she seemed confused. At first, I thought the initial shock was due to the fact that I actually brought another person with me instead of coming alone, but it turns out that the barista was my wife’s sister! […]

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A new job, of all places

I started a new job recently. After awkwardly introducing myself to every unfamiliar face, I started to feel more comfortable with my new surroundings and began opening up a conversation with my supervisor. Mind you, this is a big-box retail store, and it was rare to actually have the time to have a conversation with a supervisor for over 5 minutes. […]

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A comic con in North Carolina

Out of state on a vacation in North Carolina, a friend and I were attending a convention. We met fellow fans while waiting in line to have our photos taken at a panel, nerding out and sharing stories of our favorite comics with each other. After having the absolute best time waiting for hours in this line, we started discussing where each of us were from. To our surprise, these people were from Milwaukee! Even better, we found out they lived in the same apartment complex that we did! […]

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On an Asian cruise

On an Asian cruise, getting a tour of the ship, I noticed a familiar face…went up to her & said “you’re Susan’s sister”…she was taken aback! but said, yes, she was! we have a friend from Smalwaukee who has a twin & that was her! […]

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I met my neighbor in the edge of the amazon rain forest in Ecuador

In March I went with a friend to Quito, Ecuador for 12 days. Mid-week, we took a 3 day trip to the edge of the rain forest and stayed at a jungle lodge. Our second day at the lodge, a new group of tourists arrived. I was sitting by the pool speaking english with a couple from DC when this young woman swam over. She said "hey, I hear a friendly language, where are you from?" I told her I was from the United States, Midwest. She said "I'm from the US too, what state do you live in?" I replied that I was from Wisconsin. Turns out she was from WI too. She asked me what city. Turns out we both live in Milwaukee. She asks me what neighborhood I live in, and again we match. She then says "I live on 49th and Elm, where do you live?" I tell her I live on 50th and Elm! Turns out [...]

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