I started a new job recently. After awkwardly introducing myself to every unfamiliar face, I started to feel more comfortable with my new surroundings and began opening up a conversation with my supervisor. Mind you, this is a big-box retail store, and it was rare to actually have the time to have a conversation with a supervisor for over 5 minutes.

We began talking about previous jobs, our past experiences with our co-workers, and what kind of attitude is generally expected at the company. I was shocked when he told me he used to work at the same small shop I had previously worked at. I asked him if he knew certain people I worked with at the time I was employed there. It turns out he knew all of them because he was their original hiring manager. He left the company right before I was hired!

I was shocked to learn that he may have been my boss at a very small shop in a different town, had our paths crossed just a bit earlier. He was now a supervisor for my new place of employment, and I can’t help but think about how this scenario played out, purely out of chance alone.

Hopefully, this is life telling me I’m in the right place!